Midori Binkinis // Neena

Every once in a while an obligatory trip to the Santa Monica Beach is required. On this occasion, I was accompanied by the lovely Neena Marie with the goal of clicking some new photos for my portfolio. The weather didn't feel special in particular, but a sunny day in the midst of heavy rainfall this winter definitely called for some outdoor fun.

The breeze was soft, the sun was strong, and the salt could be tasted. Capturing the "right" light at the ocean can sometimes be limiting when caught in a situation of having a major light source without any cloud cover. It typically means hard shadows and glaring highlights, yielding much punchier looks-- not always the preferred scenario but sometimes you have to take what you can get. It wasn't long before we retreated beneath the dock in search of light with more variety. To no surprise, we found something with a softer, more subtle effect. The results were much closer to what we had set out for.

Needless to say, it is always an enjoyable day when peering through the lens alongside the ocean. Now, just waiting for more sunshine so we can go back and do it again!